Designing the Office: Part II

We decided to build the shelves on Saturday. I spent the morning and part of the afternoon organizing Gavin’s photography stuff into boxes.


After calling both of our dads for “shelf installation” advice (who basically said the same exact thing), we were ready to go. I got the equipment ready from our tool bag.


I only got one bracket in before Gavin announced that it was probably too late in the day to do this. So we left it for the next day. Since we slept in, and I had to go into work in Sunday, the shelves had to wait until Monday.


On Monday night, Gavin was really tired from walking around all day running errands (this included mailing a huge print of one of his photographs to a client.)

So I put up the shelves, one by one, measuring along the way, and listening to lots of Broadway music. They look really good. Now we just have to build the desks (from our second Ikea trip) and the office should be good.

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