Meal Planning for Dummies

One of the things I often associate with “being a good wife” is cooking (something I can do on occasion but I would like to become more consistent.) I think this is because my mom cooked all the time when I was growing up. Whatever the reason, I felt the need to step up my game in this arena. So I did some light online research and came across an app the changed my life: Ziplist.


I’ve had trouble with meal planning in the past for whatever reason (I never have time to go to the grocery store.) This app is pretty awesome. Here are some of the features:

– Grocery list that multiple people can add items to
– Find recipes
– Save recipes
– Add ingredients to list
– Recommendations
– Local stores/sales


Needless to say, I kind of fell in love a little (and also promptly put in a Fresh Direct order with ingredients for some meals this week.)

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