Weekend Odds + Ends

I’ve been pretty obsessed with making crêpes lately. Of course, Gavin doesn’t mind.


Gavin wasn’t feeling very well so I asked him if he wanted anything; you know, tea, juice, a blanket… He requested that I make chocolate chip cookies instead. (You know, because those are really good for colds.)


After the cookies were done, I went shopping. The goal was to check out some lamps and if I found anything cool for the apartment then I’d get it.


So I did.


We had grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner and then I went to Anna’s housewarming party in Brooklyn.


I may or may not have made friends with her cat, Eleanor Rigby, or Rigs. To be determined.


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  1. Another feline Eleanor Rigby? Dislike. Ours is the OG!

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