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President’s Day Weekend

This weekend, I took advantage of the extra day off and did my Cindy Crawford workout video.


You can stop laughing now. There were leftovers of the amazing lasagna that Gavin made so of course I added spinach to it so it was extra awesome.


We also juiced.


And apparently- according to Vine- so did Jim and Katie.


I sorted through the office a bit to make some space. It’s always easier to do work when things are organized.


I married the best cook ever.

Gavin went to the doctor for x-rays of his hand. He thought maybe it was broken from snowboarding but it turns out it wasn’t. The doctors, however, we’re very fascinated with all of the screws he had in his hand from previous soccer injury. We juiced twice today.


Gavin really wanted to try out making lasagna tonight. We were going to do it together but then I ended up just hanging around, drinking tea and trying to not be sick anymore.


It was a lot of layers of delicious.


We ate together at our new table, which I’m really starting to like doing. It’s a cute little round table.