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Day 2: Canopy Tour + Spa

Gavin and I work up to a beautiful view and warm weather. We ate breakfast at the hotel’s breakfast buffet (omelet, mini sausages – so good! – papaya and pineapple, and a bunch of other things, including a yogurt drink similar to the Indian drink.)


Afterward, we went back to our room for a bit and did some stomach crunches and sit-ups. Then we met up in front of the hotel for our tour bus pickup for a canopy tour, with another couple on vacation: Brian and Kim.





At the last part of the canopy tour (or zip-lining), we had to rappel down a cliff. It was slippery and the first time Gavin had done anything like that before. Needless to say, he was glad when he finally reached the ground. We hiked back to the bus and were on our way back to the hotel.


Later on, Gavin was feeling even more adventuresome and so we went for a spa treatment of a couple’s massage and we each had a facial (tropical scrub and clay mask, respectively.) Super relaxing. We were given a refreshing strawberry mixed drink (non-alcoholic) when it was all done.


We spent the rest of the afternoon lounging around the pool and talking about how lovely our trip was so far and how excited we were for the white-water rafting tomorrow we had signed up for tomorrow.


We watched the sunset over the volcano and then headed into town for dinner. We stopped at this restaurant called Pollo Frito El Coloso.


The arroz con pollo that we each ordered was out of this world.