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Taco Night at Jim + Katie’s

Gavin and I took the Metro North up to Jim and Katie’s house. On the way there, Gavin received an email with some good news. (Below: Gavin’s expression when he received good news on email.)


The tacos were delicious. Taco salads were trending that night. Amy started it. We watched some wrestling on television. Jim explained the background on the different people.


We looked through three of Jim and Katie’s photos albums. Kris found a really awesome family picture where all five of us are smiling. Amazing.


(photo by Gavin Thomas Weddings)


After wrestling, it was Harry Potter- the part where all of the characters are playing quidditch. Of course, that required Kris give a really long and detailed explanation of what quidditch actually is, along with the game play and rules associated with this fictional game.


Katie took a bunch of photos of Gavin and I. On the seventh or eight one, we were both finally smiling with our eyes open AND looking at the camera. #win


The video games came out next. I’m not sure the name of this game but it involved a wrestling team, lots of ladders, a cement staircase, and albino wrestler and a suitcase hanging from the ceiling.


I opted out entirely. Amy bailed after the first few minutes. Katie stuck through it, with Callie’s help, of course.


We stayed pretty late, way past Dexter’s bedtime.


Kris and Amy stayed over. Gavin and I took the last train back to NYC.