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I had a salad today.

That was a good decision. I really liked the assortment, too: spinach, apple, walnut, feta (supposed to be goat cheese but they were out), cranberries with raspberry vinaigrette. Yum.


I’m trying to eat healthier at breakfast and lunch in order to offset the Trader Joe’s freezer food and other vitamin-deficient meals that Gavin and I have been preparing all week. We hadn’t gone food shopping since we got back from the snowboarding trip and then spent most of the weekend doing family stuff. Suddenly, Monday arrives and it’s now Wednesday already.

Luckily, Gavin did go food shopping today while I was at work and got us some good stuff. We spent the night preparing for his shoot on Thursday for Inked Girls magazine (cleaning and re-organizing furniture.) I cleared off the “make-up table” for Meagan, Gavin’s main make-up/hair artist.


After all that work, I took a lavender salt bath (part of the push toward decreasing my daily stress.) There was a lot of unnecessary drama this week.

I’ll definitely be glad when its the weekend.