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Fever = No Volunteering

Finally, we convinced Mom & Dad to come visit with Momma. They had no power since the storm and were trying to tough it out with just the fireplace and some headlamps. They only stayed here one night, though, because the power came back on for them late Saturday night. It was great to have them over and know that they weren’t going to be in the cold. My mom also made me try this natural remedy cough syrup. It’s 1 tsp honey and 1/4 tsp cinnamon. I’ll let you know if it works.


My sore throat got considerably worse so instead of doing any on-the-ground assistance like a lot of people are doing, we’ve been instead helping friends who are gathering things to donate to the displaced families and tired workers. Gavin dropped off a bag full of blankets, and some other things today- like garbage bags and batteries. A lot of volunteer and relief groups began from previous anti-marathon running that I had been seeing and plus I had signed up for about a bunch of volunteer organizations, so I was able to atleast share a lot of this information through Facebook for other people to see. So many people are helping out. It’s really amazing.

Now that the subways are mostly running and the Staten Island ferry is back, its much easier for people to get around to volunteer to help with the clean-up and getting supplies to people in need. This is the most frustrating time to have such a terrible cold. I feel useless and I want to help but I am really sick right now. I’m trying to stay in bed today so I’ll be good for work tomorrow and then maybe can help out next weekend. I doubt the city is going to bounce back from all the damage in just one week.