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Saturday Schtuff

I’d like to kick off this weekend with some adorable cat photos.


(Milo on a pillow, titled “orange cat on orange pillow”)


(Madison, clearly posing for the camera because she saw me taking photos of Milo on the pillow)

On Saturday morning, I went running with Elisa. It had been awhile since we last ran together and it felt good to get out. Afterward, she and I went to brunch at a place called Jacob’s Pickle’s for biscuits and mimosas. I am kicking myself right now for missing a great photo op of both our food and the place itself.

When I got back home, I had a lot of energy so I did the laundry and organized the office shelves (which had gotten pretty disorderly over the past few weeks.) Now, while there’s still a bunch of things on the shelves, atleast they are things we want to display.


By the time I was done, it was time to eat. Gavin made the most amazing buffalo chicken pizza. As in, AMAZING. I want to eat this every day it’s so good.


Now we’re watching football and Baltimore just made a pretty sweet touchdown. I saw the replay. It was pretty epic.