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My Birthday Off

I woke up on my birthday to Milo sitting thisclose to my face. Maybe he was saying happy birthday. Or he’s just a weirdo.


It was a pretty low-key day. I took a winter Friday so I was home from work. Gavin had a photo shoot.


I got an awesome birthday present from Gavin- a phone receiver for my mobile phone. Something I totally wouldn’t have ever bought for myself but definitely really wanted for quite some time (although I never told him that) so you can can imagine how excited I was when I got this.


My mom sent me a really sweet message on Facebook. And I got lots of messages, phone calls, texts and even a video with lots of happy birthday wishes.


In other, mostly non-eventful, news:

I finally cleared off the top of the kitchen cabinets (in a recent cleaning spree.) Milo seized the opportunity and found himself a new hiding place.

And I cleaned the shower head with vinegar- also something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile (thank you Pinterest.) It looks great!

Kitchen Refresh

When Gavin and I went to Ikea, we also picked up a second rack for pots and pans. After letting it sit on the counter for a week or so, I finally got around to installing it. I’ll file this under: Reasons Why I Should Not Be Allowed Near Power Tools. (See photo below.)


Once that was done (and it looked fabulous), I had to wipe down the counters from all the residual lead-painted dry wall dust. Of course, I took the opportunity to redistribute the space within the cabinet where the pots & pans used to be…


… which lead me to re-examine the drawer directly above it.


After having major envy of the caliber of organization showcased in Karin’s neatly kept kitchen drawers (that I saw when we visited this Thanksgiving), I decided that these ours drawers needed some attention ASAP.


After I was done with the kitchen, I continued the cleaning streak throughout the house- one closet at a time.