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Ikea Trip

Monday was a holiday (thanks MLK!) Gavin had a shoot scheduled, though.


So I took the opportunity to exchange some items at Ikea with. My dad helped by driving me and helping me make major style decisions, like which color rug to buy. (Thanks Dad!)


Unfortunately, Ikea returns department is like the DMV. I took a number and called Jessica while I waited.


I had a list of only a few items and my dad and I found all the short cuts. So it went fast.


I brought home a massive floor lamp for the office. And a rug for the guest room. Both look amazing.


I also picked up a pretty epic plant later that day on a separate shopping trip of my own. I’m so crazy about this plant.

Kitchen Refresh

When Gavin and I went to Ikea, we also picked up a second rack for pots and pans. After letting it sit on the counter for a week or so, I finally got around to installing it. I’ll file this under: Reasons Why I Should Not Be Allowed Near Power Tools. (See photo below.)


Once that was done (and it looked fabulous), I had to wipe down the counters from all the residual lead-painted dry wall dust. Of course, I took the opportunity to redistribute the space within the cabinet where the pots & pans used to be…


… which lead me to re-examine the drawer directly above it.


After having major envy of the caliber of organization showcased in Karin’s neatly kept kitchen drawers (that I saw when we visited this Thanksgiving), I decided that these ours drawers needed some attention ASAP.


After I was done with the kitchen, I continued the cleaning streak throughout the house- one closet at a time.