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We are in LA!

Ready for takeoff. We went to JFK really early in the morning. Gavin was really nice and carried my bags all over the airport.


Once we landed, Gavin and I picked out a sweet vehicle to ride in from the rental place- a Dodge Challenger (AKA, the car with the massive blind spot, we later discovered.)


Our first stop was In-N-Out. Duh.


Then we drove up into the Hills to see the massive houses. Gavin found a trail so we parked the car and did a quick hike.


We actually stumbled upon the Hollywood sign from a distance.


We had tickets to a Dodger game that night which was nice. The Dodgers lost but the game was exciting to watch. I could barely stay awake until the end though. It was a long day.



The Start of Something

Gavin had a photo shoot on Thursday with my coworker, Trevor. They went for drinks afterward so I met up with them after work, as did Trevor’s girlfriend. It was really fun. It also made me miss Brooklyn.

On Friday night, Janice came over to watch Sex and the City. Gavin was out at a shoot but he eventually showed up in time to say hi before Janice left.


I think there should be a drumroll for what comes next. Ready? I went running! Finally. (The last time I ran was in January.) It was two miles and I took it easy (in terms of speed). I also met up with Elisa and we went for a walk around the park. On the way, we stopped for some super delicious coffee on the east side.


For dinner, Gavin made pizza. After that I worked in the magazine- for pretty much the entire night. I got a lot some and I’m feeling good about it.


Then on Sunday, I went to Barnes & Noble to check out some magazines for inspiration. I also looked at a bunch of decorating books while I was there. Of course.


Gavin had picked up some new prints of his and frames we chose so I hung them on the wall above the TV furniture which I rearranged that morning.


I’m really happy with it and Gavin’s photos look amazing. Back to the magazine. I worked on it again on Sunday night for several hours. Definitely making progress. Definitely a lot more to go.