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Harlem, Brooklyn, Tribeca

Gavin was watching a Syracuse game so Mrs. Thomas and I went to Brooklyn Flea to check out some of the Brooklyn crafts and antiques. Thankfully, the winter Brooklyn Flea market is held indoors- inside an old bank, actually.


Amy met up with us while we were there and we did some shopping. I got some great finds: necklace from Birdhouse, small mirror for the guest room, a really bright red metal tray with cherries on it and a large blue mason jar (Gavin’s mom helped me bargain on that one and I got a good price.)


Then Gavin showed up. We briefly stopped at Marshall’s nearby and then decided to head back to the island.


We went for juice at Miss Lily’s on Houston.


Gavin’s mom and I both got one called Sweet & Dandy: apple, beet, lemon, ginger, carrots and pineapple. (Definitely going to make this one at home!)


And Gavin got the Jamaican Green, which had kale, apple, lemon, ginger and celery in it. We ended up eating dinner there, too.


I captured the experience on Vine (Kris’ company’s new app)


We took the train down to Canal Street where we saw the Freedom Tower in progress and lit up.


Carlos was all dressed up for the premiere of his show at Tribeca Cinemas, When Bobby Met Larry. Meagan we there, too. My cousin, Janice, met up with us.


After the show, Gavin’s mom, Gavin and I went back to the apartment. We were hungry from eating around 5pm so we had some homemade chocolate chip cookies and brownies and watched some TV before heading to bed.