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shSnowboarding: Day 2 (Sugarbush)

Today is our six-month anniversary of being married! Six more months and we can eat our stale, frozen wedding cake.

Sugarbush was a lot of fun. They had 18″ additional snow there and it was snowing during the entire day.


We took the Slide Brook Express Quad to Mount Ellen and stayed there most of the day.


Victoria, Johnny and their friends, Kathleen and the two Mikes, ate breakfast with us at the lodge but then we split up again so Gavin and I could ride the greens.


Since this mountain is at a higher elevation, even some of the greens could easily been blue at a smaller mountain.


The boards were great. I have a huge crush on the Feelgood. Both Gavin’s board and mine took a run to get used to. (I’m used to my hand-me-down beginner board that was beginning to fall apart and Gavin was just starting to get used to rental beginner and intermediate boards. These were definitely and upgrade.)


The snow was coming down pretty steadily so stayed bundled up. We rode Crackerjack and then did Walt’s Trail a bunch of times before breaking for lunch. Gavin and I had stashed our leftovers at the lodge so we ate that pretty quickly and then got back out there again.


I took some video with my GoPro3 that Gavin got me for Christmas. We headed over around 3:30pm on Northridge Expressway and Mainstream toward the Slidebrook Quad on our way toward the main mountain. We met everyone at the main lodge at the base of the mountain.


Because of the constant snow during the day (and our lack of four-wheel-drive),) the ride back home in the car was challenging. So Victoria’s friends picked up food for all of us.


The five of us had spaghetti, meat sauce, asparagus and garlic bread. The garlic was particularly delicious. I’m going to have to make it again like this.