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Post Holiday Activities

Everyone hung out in the living room while Kris and Amy worked “from home” on their laptops. Everyone in the room had some type of electronic device so it kind of looked like a LAN party- without the LAN. (Only Kris will get this reference.)


At some point, Dad got us all upstairs to put the bunk beds together. It was an ambitious undertaking. But we did it.

I got inspired and started cleaning off all the surfaces I could get ahold of.


Since it was snowing and Amy had no boots with her, she got a little crafty and made herself some plastic shoes. I went home in my pajama pants. (We is classy.)


My dad drove the four of us back to Harlem. Kris and Amy took the train from there.

Our First (Married) Christmas

Christmas Day! Time for the annual eggnog-making to commence. The mixer my mom got this year was a huge help. Usually I get a wrist injury from churning the eggs.


I’m not sure at what age I graduated this position but I have been the official maker of Poppa’s (Momma’s late husband) famous eggnog recipe for quite some time now. It’s quite frightening- twelve eggs, two cups whiskey, two cups brandy… well, I can’t give the whole thing away; suffice to say, it was strong.


Gavin focused on the breaded fried string beans. They were quite magnificent.


Kris and Amy helped out. Amy did the Brussels sprouts- with bacon!


Check out that oven.


Katie made a cake which ended up being the shape of an “O.” It was a last minute call on the shape. And a great story.


Jim and Katie helped me frost the sugar cookies Gavin insisted that I make. We made lots of cookies designs, including the blue men group, the Jamaican bobsled team and gay rainbow cookies.


Momma stepped in to help out Mrs. Cumberland (Katie’s mom) with the spaetzle.


Tah-dah! That’s what we ate.


Eventually, we got to the presents. There were a lot of Santas this Christmas.


Kris made a fire.


Momma tried to steal Gavin away from
me (again.)


It was a really fun-filled day.