Feng Shui: Entrance to the Apartment

In other (Feng Shui) news, I spent a significant amount of time reorganizing our shelves in the entrance to our apartment.


Here’s the rundown of the things we did, following our Feng Shui consultation:
– bookshelves have nice things to look at and positive books and magazines of things we are currently interested in
– we are displaying photos of supportive people in our lives (family)
– coats and shoes have been organized and the ones we use everyday are the ones that are out (seasonal stuff has been stored)
– the shoes now have a shoe rack to rest on and again, displaying the ones we wear more often and not every shoe we both own
– I added some of our blue vases and pottery to this area of the home


– we put two long runner rugs (dark gray but we thought they looked blue)
– we put three small mirrors along the wall to add more water.
– Gavin’s photography work is on the wall at the end of the hallway; the first thing you see that draws you into the space


– and probably most importantly: the cat litter box now has a hood on it so you don’t smell anything unpleasant when entering the home

Next up- probably the kitchen (which may take a bit of work.)

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