“Rest day” at the Ski House

Everyone woke up sore today so instead of doing a half day, as planned, we bailed on the whole thing. It actually worked out quite nice.


The excitement of the morning was the neighbor’s plow getting stuck in the driveway.


Then, the car that went to help with a chain got stuck, as well. Eventually they all got out.


After the plow incident, Victoria and Johnny dropped us off at Darkside Snowboards so that we could demo different boards. In the meantime, they went to get a piece for Johnny’s ski boot. Then we went to the local grocery store to get food to make for dinner.


Victoria and Johnny went to a spa day that afternoon and date night that evening. So Gavin and I hung out with some of the other ski club members in the barn. We ate little sandwiches on nice bread and had a beer for a late lunch. We played some pool and tried to capture all the marriage advice everyone was giving us once they found out we were newlyweds.


For dinner, Kathleen and the two Mikes got extra food and shared what they cooked with us.


We also made friends with one of the ski club members who happens to be a chef and he shared some amazing meat with us. Now we were really looking forward to the New Year’s party because we found out he was cooking. Later on we played a game called Left, Right, Center.


Gavin won over $50. That was cool.


We stayed up way past our bedtime in the barn with some of the ski house members.

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