Antiquing: Day 2

It was another gorgeous morning, waking up at the lake house.


On “Small Business Saturday,” (are we the only country that names days after shopping?) Gavin and his mom myself all went out again- this time, to one massive store of antiques that basically had its own zip code.


Gavin agreed to come along again because of the prospect of finding old cameras, particularly in this place. (and of course because he loves hanging out with his mom and his wife so much!)


It was pretty epic. And took us nearly all day to get through.


Gavin and I left with two boat bookends, a rooster doorstop (or bookend but there was only one and so I’m using it as a doorstop), a little letter opener shaped like a sword, and a lot of cameras- including one that was shaped like Mickey Mouse. Gavin’s mom found some nice wall art.

Later that night, I helped Gavin’s mom sign up for Pinterest and she immediately started pinning and creating new boards.

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