Birthday Weekend: Part II (NYC)

Happy Birthday Gavin!! We kicked off Gavin’s birthday on Friday night with a dinner at Paul’s Burger in the East Village (per Gavin’s request.)

We had a great turnout at Sweet & Vicious on Spring Street – about fifteen people showed up. Then, of course, we didn’t get our cameras out until the very end so some people are clearly missing (Kris, Amy, Peter, Susan, Elisa and her friends, and his photographer friend, Jonathan.)


Here is a triptych of photography talent: Corbin, Gavin and Kyle.


And Katie, Laurie (my friend from W+K), Jan and myself.


And Gavin kissing my face.

The next day, we rallied for Meagan’s Tim Burtonesque 30th Birthday party in Connecticut. We took the train up. We got a ride back. Gavin dressed up as Tim Burton himself.


I just wore my striped leg warmers, a black wig and hoped I’d fit in somehow.


Meagan was told she was going to a costume party in the city so she was dressed up as the Grinch. Nice silicon makeup, Meagan. (Kind of feel like she had an unfair advantage, being that she is a professional makeup artist and all.)


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