Election Day: Voting, Take 2

Voted. It only took an hour and a half of standing in line. My phone died 75% of the way through so that’s when I stopped angrily tweeting about the broken user experience of the overall voting process.

Gavin pointed out yet another benefit to having the same last name as him:

Although they got that wrong, too, and there was almost an issue as they didn’t have any provisional ballots left. Yup. Ran out. Finally, a poll worker found my name in another book. She was tired. I felt bad for how long and stressful her day must have been.

So even though the social security administration has my new legal name (and I re-submitted the correction to the board of elections twice), the name that was registered was a botched version of my first name, last name, married name, and a few others. There were hyphens, too. It was bananas. But they let me vote. On paper. For real and not a provisional one. That was exhausting.

Now Gavin and I are watching MSNBC, waiting to hear the results as they come in. So exciting.

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