Hurricane Sandy: Day 5

We gathered together what we had in the house of bottled water, canned food and other items to donate and made a trip downtown (way downtown, like to Delancey & Rivington) to drop them off at a shelter where they would distribute to victims of the storm.


On the way, we saw the house that literally fell apart (on 8th avenue and 15th street.) The power started coming back on in the Lower East side as we trekked downtown. We could hear people cheering. Also, I got a few text messages from people that the marathon was cancelled.

There were massive bus lines, which we think could only be for the buses to Queens/Brooklyn, since the subway only went down to 34th street.


When we got back that night, his friends has made us dinner- Norwegian Mexican tacos. It was delicious. Since the power had come back in the Lower East side, Ada and Martin headed back that night.


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