Hurricane Sandy: Day 4

It’s hard to write a cheery blog post when large sections of New York City are still underwater, people are without power, food and water and homes are destroyed.

Gavin and I mailed clothes to a friend of his whose sister-in-law and her family lost everything. We posted over and over again on Facebook and Twitter to try and get people to stay with us who had no power. Finally, someone accepted- Gavin’s model friends Ada and Martin, who lived in the Lower East Side.

I received notice from work that the building was shut down for the rest of the week because of the power outage. So Gavin and I ran down alongside Central Park to get out of the house and also get some food for dinner that night. We were making dinner that night for our guests. His friend Peter and his fiancé, who live nearby, came over as well.


I continued sending images of the news reports via MMS so that my mom and Katie could see what was happening since they had no power and/or internet in their homes. We checked in every day. They also went to get Momma and her cat, Simba. So now everyone was safe at their house- but with no power.


It was a weird day because as I was searching online for opportunities to help out, the NYC Marathon runners were being bullied (myself included) because of the city’s decision to go through with the race. It was strange. When I signed up, I never thought it would have been such a controversial thing. I couldn’t imagine running it, but at the same time I couldn’t imagine why people were blaming the runners for the decision.


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