Birthday Weekend: Part I (Westchester)

Despite the long (and somewhat draining) week, we rallied for the weekend, which began around 8pm on Friday night. Gavin’s Uncle Jim arrived at our apartment to stay for the night, since his daughter, Kate, had the Manhattan Invitational race the next day. She was with her team that night while the three of us headed to Sylvia’s, the fifty-year-old restaurant famous for it’s fried chicken & waffles dish.


The next morning, we headed to Van Cortlandt park to see Kate (second from the left.) She came in 17th place out of 300. Not too shabby. After her first run, Gavin and I headed back since he had a photo shoot that afternoon.

I called my mom and we talked for quite a bit while I waxed the furniture (we had to catch up- it had been awhile.) Around five o’clock I got ready to meet Janice at Metro North to go to Jim & Ashley’s birthdays party.


It was great to hang out with the family and all of Jim & Katie’s friends. Jim had a chocolate peanut butter cake and Ashley had a cannoli-filled one. Decedent. (Gavin had to stay home because he had a shoot again early the next morning.)

Amy, Kris, Jan and I weren’t planning on staying too late but then we found out there was karaoke. So you can probably imagine what happened after that. Songbooks in hand and song queue fully stacked with our favorites, the night had begun.


Dad came to pick us up (the four of us were sleeping over mom & dad’s that night), but he even stayed for a bit.

The next day, we picked up Gavin in the Bronx at his graffiti photo shoot.


And Dad swung by our old stomping grounds on Hoxie Street (my first home!)


It just happened to be an amazing sunset at the last stop on the 5 train (the same train which I used to take with my mom to Dior.)


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