Blizzard Watch

I got a box of presents yesterday for my birthday which of course I promptly opened. This lead to a quick morning mini-mani so I could test out the colors.


This got a lot of comments and compliments at work. And it brightened my, otherwise non-eventful, Friday. I wore my snow boots in preparation for the storm that didn’t really start to happen until after I got home from work.

In other news this week- I finally hired someone for my department. Yay!!! I’m really looking forward to when he starts (end of month.) Gavin got back massive amount of film from our trip to Costa Rica and other things.


Also, this may be actually last week’s news but, I finally filed the patent for my project. Feels good to finally get it out since it has been sitting on the desk for about 6 months. After reading the documents countless times over, I solidified my intentions on never ever becoming a lawyer. Fingers crossed that it goes through without any issue. (Now I can work on it in peace.)

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