Gavin’s Mom’s in NYC

On Thursday, Gavin’s mom came to visit us. She arrived in the afternoon and both Gavin and his mom came to visit me at work. They came just in time. We were finishing up a birthday party (ahem, meeting.) Gavin picked up a cupcake before we headed downstairs on the tour. I showed his mom around while he talked to everyone he knew.

After that, we walked over to the East side to Cafe Habana for some amazing corn on the cob and sandwiches.


Gavin would’ve smiled but he really wanted to eat so he made this face instead.


Once dinner was done, we took the D train up to Rockefeller Center. We saw that and Radio City Music Hall. It was cold so we had to duck inside for some pastries at Magnolia Bakery– to save ourselves from frostbite, of course.


Some blueberry cheesecake made its way home with us.


Mmm mmm good.


Gavin’s mom brought us some presents. One was a candle in coffee beans (Pinterest idea.)

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