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Ready for the Weekend. Sort of.

Normally, I look forward to the weekends because I know that I can rest. But this weekend, there’s a second wave of back-to-back parties to go to. And then more running. Again.

I ran today with Gavin for a short while, then met up with Elisa and Sheila for a longer run (Gavin had already gone to the gym, biked and ran earlier so he didn’t want to run too much farther.)

Marathon Training: October

Another thing I haven’t been doing lately, beside my blog, is running. So last week I decided to get myself back in gear and get on a regular running schedule (extended mileage included.)

According to the training plan that I’ve been loosely following, I should be running around 26-38 miles per week. And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. I’m not gonna lie. I feel like of awesome.